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Overview: 11 teams of two with a pre-existing relationship raced around the world in 12 Legs, visiting Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Senegal, Germany, Hungary, France (Corsica), Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and China. 8 teams were eliminated - Avi and Joe, Meredith and Maria, Lena and Kristy, Don and Mary Jean, Gus and Hera, Jonathan and Victoria, Lori and Bolo, and Hayden and Aaron. Freddy and Kendra beat out Kris and Jon for the win because Kris and Jon were stopped by a train. Adam and Rebecca came in third place after eating a Chicago Deep Dish Pizza.

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- Freddy & Kendra were the winning team with the biggest age difference
- Freddy & Kendra were the first winner to be yielded
- Most number Legs in Europe (6 legs)
- First season to have a double Leg
- First season to have the number of Yields reduced to three
- Most male/female teams in a season (8 teams)
- First season to have the 6 Roadblock limit rule
- Earliest non-elimination Leg (Leg 4)
- Most countries visited in Europe (6, tied with Season 3)
- First season to have 12 Legs
- 7 new countries were visited: Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Senegal, Hungary, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka
-Most male/female teams in the Final Eight.
- Earliest season to confirm at least 1 of a certain gender (female) would win

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Memorable Quotes:
Lori - "I'm so cold my implants are frozen!"

Rebecca - "This isn't a fast foward, it's a slow foward!"
Good Situations:
-Lori and Bolo caught up to the other teams after being many hours behind on the double leg
-After Hayden and Aaron were eliminated in China, Aaron proposed. Hayden accepted.
Bad situations:
- Freddy throws up in his own soup and then has to eat it
- Victoria cut her hand open in Ethiopia and Jonathan refused to help her
- Lena rolled out over 100 haybales and spent 8 hours at the roadblock on Leg 3 and her Kristy got eliminated.
- Jonathan shoving Victoria when they lost first place to Freddy & Kendra
- Freddy and Hera getting hit in the head by a gate in Hungary
- Lots of bickering couples in the top 6 (5 couples).
-Avi & Joe refusing to listen to Gus & Hera's advice that they're at the wrong entrance to the pit stop which caused their elimination.
-Jonathan & Victoria misreading their clue by taking one donkey instead of two at a time which caused their elimination.
-Lori & Bolo not reading the additional information of the Roadblock clue which caused their elimination.
Episode title quotes:
  1. The Game's Afoot – Gus
  2. I'm Not His Wife, He Doesn't Need to Scream At Me – Meredith
  3. Counting Bears Is Not Rocket Science – Don
  4. What If It Isn't Sanitary – Kendra
  5. Quit Following Us – Jonathan
  6. They Should Probably Have Some Counseling – Kris
  7. Phil Is A Choo-Choo Charlie (recap)Kristy
  8. One of You, I'm Gonna Break in Half – Freddy
  9. Tell My Mom I Love Her – Adam
  10. Are There Instructions on Donkey Handling? – Rebecca
  11. It Always Comes Down to Details – Kris
  12. You Deal With This Before I Hyperventilate – Hayden
  13. 4 Continents, 24 Cities, 40,000 Miles – Phil Keoghan

Freddy & Kendra
Engaged Models

Avi & Joe
High School Buddies

Kris & Jon
Dating Long Distance

Gus & Hera
Father / Daughter

Adam & Rebecca
Formerly Dating

Meredith & Maria
Best Friends

Lori & Bolo
Married Pro Wrestlers

Don & Mary Jean

Hayden & Aaron
Dating Actors

Lena & Kristy

Jonathan & Victoria
Married Entrepreneurs
Final Placings:
1st Place - Freddy & Kendra
2nd Place - Kris & Jon
3rd Place - Adam & Rebecca
4th Place - Hayden & Aaron
5th Place - Lori & Bolo
6th Place - Jonathan & Victoria
7th Place - Gus & Hera
8th Place - Don & Mary Jean
9th Place - Lena & Kristy
10th Place - Meredith & Maria
11th Place - Avi & Joe
Funny Moments
Adam and Rebecca in general
Lori and Bolo wresting on the glacier
season 6 cast
Leg Winners
Leg 1 - Hayden & Aaron
Leg 2 - Kris & Jon
Leg 3 - Hayden & Aaron
Leg 4 - Kris & Jon
Leg 5 - Freddy & Kendra
Leg 6 (After Double Leg) - Lori & Bolo (FF)
Leg 7 - Adam & Rebecca(FF)
Leg 8 - Hayden & Aaron
Leg 9 - Kris & Jon
Leg 10 - Hayden & Aaron
Leg 11 - Kris & Jon
Final Leg - Freddy & Kendra

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