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The Amazing Race: Season 13! Meet the Teams!
Cast of Amazing Race 13 Terence & Sarah - Newly Dating
Marisa & Brooke - Best Friends
Andrew & Dan - Frat Boys
Aja & Ty - Dating Long Distance
Mark & Bill - Best Friends
Toni & Dallas - Mother / Son
Nick & Starr - Brother / Sister
Anita & Arthur - Married Beekeepers
Kelly & Christy - Divorcees
Ken & Tina - Separated
Anthony & Stephanie - Dating

11 teams set off for a race across the world. 10 teams will fall below the wayside but one team will have the brains, brawn, and teamwork to win one million dollars.Along the way, 8 teams came up short: Anita & Arthur , Anthony & Stephanie , Mark & Bill , Marisa & Brooke , Aja & Ty, Kelly & Christy , Terence & Sarah and Toni & Dallas. The 3 teams: Nick & Starr ,Andrew & Dan and Ken & Tina found themselves racing in the final leg for the million bucks. In the end, siblings Nick & Starr won the million dollars.
-Anita & Arthur became the oldest team ever to be eliminated on Leg 1.
-3 new countries were visited on the race: Bolivia, Cambodia and Kazakhstan.
-Return to India for the 7th time, most visited country on the race, excluding the United States.
-Nick and Starr won the most number legs in a row. (4)
-Toni & Dallas are the first mother and son team to win a leg.
-Nick & Starr won the most legs in 1 season (7).
-Andrew & Dan are the third team to make the final 3 without winning a leg.
-Nick & Starr are the 1st Siblings and the youngest team to win the Amazing Race
-Least number of teams to win a leg (3)
-First season where the U-Turn was available but not used
-Ken & Tina are the fourth team to win 3 legs in a row
-Only the second season to circumnavigate the world westward
-Least number of countries visited, excluding Season 8 (8, tied with season 2)
-Toni & Dallas are the first eliminated team unable to make it to the finish line
-First season where two legs were in the same city (Legs 9 and 10 in Moscow, Russia)
Good Situations:

-Nick & Starr formed an alliance with Ken & Tina on leg 1.
-Dallas helped Terence & Sarah, by telling them where the taxi's were located at on Leg 2.
- Ken & Tina completed the Fast Forward on Leg 4, giving them there 3rd win in a row.
-Ken and Tina were spared from elimination on Leg 6. However, they will complete a SpeedBump on Leg 7.
-Ken and Tina survived the speed bump.
-Ken and Tina helped Andrew & Dan with the Bleary Eyed "Detour" choice in Leg 7, which put Andrew & Dan just ahead of last place team, Kelly & Christy.
-Nick & Starr winning 7 Legs and breaking the record for the most number of Legs won in one season, and tie the record for most number of Legs won in a career.
-Dandrew surviving the Speed Bump
-Ken & Tina resolving their marriage.

Bad Situations:

-Anita & Arthur became the first team eliminated from The Amazing Race 13.
-Kelly and Christy misread/didn't read their clue properly twice in Leg 2.
-On Leg 3, Mark and Bill misread their clue which lead to them receiving a 30 min. time penalty which caused them their elimination.
-Terence/Sarah getting caught for speeding and will receive 30 min penalty at the start of the following leg.
-Marisa & Brooke got lost on the way to the Gordian Knot on Leg 4 and only manged to catch up to Aja & Ty but they lost a foot race and were eliminated.
-Ken and Tina were the first team to check in last on a non-elimination leg and will therefore have to complete a Speed Bump the following leg.
-Andrew & Dan eliminating Kelly & Christy and Terence & Sarah.
-Terence & Sarah went for the Fast Forward on leg 8, however in the Fast Forward they had to eat meat and since Terence was a vegetarian they couldn't complete the Fast Forward and they couldn't catch up to other teams and were eliminated.
-Toni & Dallas lost their passports and their money which prohibited them from joining fellow racers at the finish line.
Funny Moments:
- Dallas and Toni running around in the cow costume
- Dan soing the marching detour
- Andrew and Dan doing the speedbump
- Tina's hair turned green even though she did not do the roadblock.
- Andrew & Dan ironing clothes.
- Marisa & Brooke getting mooned by a man on the beach.
- Fighting cholitas in Bolivia
- Kelly & Christy digging in the sand for a container
- The Holi Festival in India
- The man with the sewing machine at the Bleary Eyed Detour in India


Final Placings
Winners - Nick & Starr
2nd Place - Ken & Tina
3rd Place - Andrew & Dan
4th Place - Toni & Dallas
5th Place - Terence & Sarah
6th Place - Kelly & Christy
7th Place - Aja & Ty
8th Place - Marisa & Brooke
9th Place - Mark & Bill
10th Place - Anthony & Stephanie
11th Place - Anita & Arthur

Season 13 - Amazing Race

Make sure you visit the Amazing Race 13 Polls and Congratulations to Marisa & Brooke for becoming the Best Team From Season 13!

Enter your race predictions and see how accurate you are!

Leg Winners And Prizes -
Leg 1 - Nick & Starr - Trip For 2 to Belize
Leg 2 - Ken & Tina - ATV's
Leg 3 - Ken & Tina - A 7 Night Trip to Cabo San Lucas
Leg 4 - Ken & Tina - Trip to Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Leg 5 - Nick & Starr - Trip for 2 to St.John, US Virgin Islands
Leg 6 - Nick & Starr - 2 Electric Cars
Leg 7 - Nick & Starr - Trip for 2 to Hawaii
Leg 8 - Nick & Starr - A 180-Horsepower Waverunner
Leg 9 - Toni & Dallas - Trip for 2 to Punta Cana
Leg 10 - Nick & Starr - Trip for two to Anguilla
Finale - Nick & Starr - $1,000,000

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TAR_Survivor Didn't really like this season (page: 1 2 3) 40 Jan 3 2012, 1:39 PM EST by Hericles
Thread started: Dec 31 2008, 10:57 PM EST  Watch
I know heaps of people liked this season and loved who won but seriously this was one of my least favourite seasons mainly because Nick and Starr won.

There were moments that were funny and everything but I didn't really like any of the teams I was going for Kelly and Chrsity but I knew they would lose because they were stupid.

What a stupid name Starr (I was mainly annoyed that it was spelt with 2 R's where her parents trying to be fancy)
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ImmediateRacke Something not related (page: 1 2 3) 41 Jul 28 2010, 1:17 PM EDT by Brallition06
Thread started: Aug 28 2008, 12:40 AM EDT  Watch
Amazing Race premieres on September 28th but guess what? Survivor premieres 3 days before it on September 25th
Okay, it's not related to this i know, pardon me for that, haha
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JonoTan Final Thoughts 2 Apr 3 2009, 12:42 AM EDT by TAR_Survivor
Thread started: Dec 13 2008, 10:16 AM EST  Watch
My FInal Thoughts on the race were : VERY POSITIVE!!

This Season was great! I loved the teams: Marisa and Brooke, Kelly and Christy & Nick and Starr
I thought it was filled with lots of actions and excitement
The task were pretty good..except maybe the last one where they had to find the green
I was pretty happy with the race destinations this season..Russia, Kazahakstan, India, New Zealand
I was also very happy of the outcome: Nick and Starr winning!
The only things that made me sad was: Toni and Dallas not making the Final 3, Marisa and Brooke & Kelly and CHristy not making it furhter in the race, Andrew and Dan making the Final 3 (sorry to ppl who liked em)

But overall: I thought this season was great and congratulations to CBS (I think thats the right company,right?) and all the racers! And Congrats on Nick and Starr on winning the $1 million and Ken & Tina (hopefully) on remending your relationship!

TAR 4 Life
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