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The Amazing Race: Season 13! Meet the Teams!
Cast of Amazing Race 13 Terence & Sarah - Newly Dating
Marisa & Brooke - Best Friends
Andrew & Dan - Frat Boys
Aja & Ty - Dating Long Distance
Mark & Bill - Best Friends
Toni & Dallas - Mother / Son
Nick & Starr - Brother / Sister
Anita & Arthur - Married Beekeepers
Kelly & Christy - Divorcees
Ken & Tina - Separated
Anthony & Stephanie - Dating

11 teams set off for a race across the world. 10 teams will fall below the wayside but one team will have the brains, brawn, and teamwork to win one million dollars.Along the way, 8 teams came up short: Anita & Arthur , Anthony & Stephanie , Mark & Bill , Marisa & Brooke , Aja & Ty, Kelly & Christy , Terence & Sarah and Toni & Dallas. The 3 teams: Nick & Starr ,Andrew & Dan and Ken & Tina found themselves racing in the final leg for the million bucks. In the end, siblings Nick & Starr won the million dollars.
-Anita & Arthur became the oldest team ever to be eliminated on Leg 1.
-3 new countries were visited on the race: Bolivia, Cambodia and Kazakhstan.
-Return to India for the 7th time, most visited country on the race, excluding the United States.
-Nick and Starr won the most number legs in a row. (4)
-Toni & Dallas are the first mother and son team to win a leg.
-Nick & Starr won the most legs in 1 season (7).
-Andrew & Dan are the third team to make the final 3 without winning a leg.
-Nick & Starr are the 1st Siblings and the youngest team to win the Amazing Race
-Least number of teams to win a leg (3)
-First season where the U-Turn was available but not used
-Ken & Tina are the fourth team to win 3 legs in a row
-Only the second season to circumnavigate the world westward
-Least number of countries visited, excluding Season 8 (8, tied with season 2)
-Toni & Dallas are the first eliminated team unable to make it to the finish line
-First season where two legs were in the same city (Legs 9 and 10 in Moscow, Russia)
Good Situations:

-Nick & Starr formed an alliance with Ken & Tina on leg 1.
-Dallas helped Terence & Sarah, by telling them where the taxi's were located at on Leg 2.
- Ken & Tina completed the Fast Forward on Leg 4, giving them there 3rd win in a row.
-Ken and Tina were spared from elimination on Leg 6. However, they will complete a SpeedBump on Leg 7.
-Ken and Tina survived the speed bump.
-Ken and Tina helped Andrew & Dan with the Bleary Eyed "Detour" choice in Leg 7, which put Andrew & Dan just ahead of last place team, Kelly & Christy.
-Nick & Starr winning 7 Legs and breaking the record for the most number of Legs won in one season, and tie the record for most number of Legs won in a career.
-Dandrew surviving the Speed Bump
-Ken & Tina resolving their marriage.

Bad Situations:

-Anita & Arthur became the first team eliminated from The Amazing Race 13.
-Kelly and Christy misread/didn't read their clue properly twice in Leg 2.
-On Leg 3, Mark and Bill misread their clue which lead to them receiving a 30 min. time penalty which caused them their elimination.
-Terence/Sarah getting caught for speeding and will receive 30 min penalty at the start of the following leg.
-Marisa & Brooke got lost on the way to the Gordian Knot on Leg 4 and only manged to catch up to Aja & Ty but they lost a foot race and were eliminated.
-Ken and Tina were the first team to check in last on a non-elimination leg and will therefore have to complete a Speed Bump the following leg.
-Andrew & Dan eliminating Kelly & Christy and Terence & Sarah.
-Terence & Sarah went for the Fast Forward on leg 8, however in the Fast Forward they had to eat meat and since Terence was a vegetarian they couldn't complete the Fast Forward and they couldn't catch up to other teams and were eliminated.
-Toni & Dallas lost their passports and their money which prohibited them from joining fellow racers at the finish line.
Funny Moments:
- Dallas and Toni running around in the cow costume
- Dan soing the marching detour
- Andrew and Dan doing the speedbump
- Tina's hair turned green even though she did not do the roadblock.
- Andrew & Dan ironing clothes.
- Marisa & Brooke getting mooned by a man on the beach.
- Fighting cholitas in Bolivia
- Kelly & Christy digging in the sand for a container
- The Holi Festival in India
- The man with the sewing machine at the Bleary Eyed Detour in India


Final Placings
Winners - Nick & Starr
2nd Place - Ken & Tina
3rd Place - Andrew & Dan
4th Place - Toni & Dallas
5th Place - Terence & Sarah
6th Place - Kelly & Christy
7th Place - Aja & Ty
8th Place - Marisa & Brooke
9th Place - Mark & Bill
10th Place - Anthony & Stephanie
11th Place - Anita & Arthur

Season 13 - Amazing Race

Make sure you visit the Amazing Race 13 Polls and Congratulations to Marisa & Brooke for becoming the Best Team From Season 13!

Enter your race predictions and see how accurate you are!

Leg Winners And Prizes -
Leg 1 - Nick & Starr - Trip For 2 to Belize
Leg 2 - Ken & Tina - ATV's
Leg 3 - Ken & Tina - A 7 Night Trip to Cabo San Lucas
Leg 4 - Ken & Tina - Trip to Rio de Janiero, Brazil
Leg 5 - Nick & Starr - Trip for 2 to St.John, US Virgin Islands
Leg 6 - Nick & Starr - 2 Electric Cars
Leg 7 - Nick & Starr - Trip for 2 to Hawaii
Leg 8 - Nick & Starr - A 180-Horsepower Waverunner
Leg 9 - Toni & Dallas - Trip for 2 to Punta Cana
Leg 10 - Nick & Starr - Trip for two to Anguilla
Finale - Nick & Starr - $1,000,000

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