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: Flo & Zach are good friends who met at a party. They said they had a great relationship as friends, but were not ready to be a couple. After the Amazing Race ended, Flo started dating Drew (of Derek/Drew).

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Flo & Zach - Amazing RaceFlo & Zach - Amazing Race
flo and zach Flo & Zach - Amazing Race All-Stars
-Flo is the first woman to win the Amazing Race!
-First co-ed team to win the race.
-"Why did you have to take your pants off? What's wrong with you seriously?" - Flo
-"I don't know, I must have a serious problem!" - Flo to Zach
-"You always just forget about me!" - Flo
-"What happens if I slip? Am I just hanging off a cliff?" - Flo
-"I'm a much better liar than you are!" - Flo
-"Don't try to play the moralist now!" - Flo
-"This is the official hunt for the twins!" - Flo
Lucky Situations:
-Won the Fast Forward on Leg 7 and got first, even though they were hours behind the all the other Teams.
-They won the Amazing Race despite being in last place the previous leg!
-Never fell below 5th place.
Unlucky Situations:
-Getting last place twice on non elimination legs.
-Flo struggled with the 'Ropes' Detour and eventually broke down and chose to do the other Detour.
-Flo being extremely emotional
- Had a really hard time completing the detour on Leg 12
-Only won 2 Legs. (Leg 7 and Leg 13.)

Pit Stop
Ending Position
Mexico City, Mexico
2nd Place
Cancun, Mexico
5th Place
Aberdeen, Scotland
3rd Place
Lisbon, Portugal
2nd Place
Fez, Morocco
4th Place
Marrakech, Morocco
2nd Place
Fussen, Germany
1st Place
2nd Place
Montreux, Switzerland
5th Place
3rd Place
Ho Chi Minh City,
2nd Place
Danang, Vietnam
3rd Place
Seattle, Washington, USA
1st Place
Average Placing: 2.69
  • Leg 1: No Roadblock
  • Leg 2: Swim with dolphins to find the next clue at the bottom of the lagoon - Zach
  • Leg 3: Compete in 3 traditional Scottish games: Caber toss, bell throw and shotput - Zach
  • Leg 4: Block one soccer penalty kick - Zach
  • Leg 5: Search through 25 vats of foul smelling dye for their next clue - Zach
  • Leg 6: Help a food vendor set up and sell 5 bowls of escargot - Flo
  • Leg 7: Won the Fast Forward (get the attention of a surfer surfing on the river)
  • Leg 8: Shoot an apple off a mannequin child's head with a crossbow - Zach
  • Leg 9: assemble a Swiss army bike - Zach
  • Leg 10: Retrieve a clue from the middle of the Fountain of Wealth (not portrayed as a Roadblock)
  • Leg 11: Drive their partner in a cyclo through a marked path - Zach
  • Leg 12: Use a fishing platform to raise a net out of the water - Zach
  • Leg 13: Spin animal faces on a totem pole in the order they appeared on the race - Zach
Flo: 1
Zach: 9
Detours Done:
  • Leg 1: Wings - skydive with an instructor
  • Leg 2: Horsepower - seach a large area on a waverunner for the clue
  • Leg 3:
  • Leg 4: New School - load crates of wine onto a truck and deliver them to 3 restaurants
  • Leg 5: Slopes - walk down sloping trails to the bottom
  • Leg 6: No You Don't - take a sandbike to a flag they couldn't see and make a rubbing of the clue etched on a stone
  • Leg 7: Won the Fast Forward (get the attention of a surfer surfing on the river)
  • Leg 8: Run the Numbers - run around Zurich and find 3 different numbers then use those numbers to open a safe containing the next clue
  • Leg 9: Very Swiss - search through bells on the necks of sheep for a key to unlock a box with their next clue
  • Leg 10: Dry - search several streets for a particular building then locate a room containing Singaporean TV star Phua Chu Kang
  • Leg 11: Hard Sell - carry a fruit filled shoulder basket and sell 40,000 dong worth of fruit
  • Leg 12: Basket Boats - take a basket boat across the river to the cluebox
  • Leg 13: Quick Drop - take a 160 foot tandem drop to Wailua Falls then swim to shore and follow the flags behind the waterfall

Preceded By: Chris & Alex Winners
Season 3
Succeeded By:
Reichen & Chip

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