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Question 1. How do I apply to be on the Amazing Race?

Applications for The Amazing Race are at Go there for all your information.
If you are an australian who wants to go on try the amazing race australia apply
Here is The ultimate guide to applying for The Amazing Race on the australian verson website

Question 2. Can I submit my application to you?

Sorry, but we do not accept applications for the race. While we develop this wiki for CBS and The Amazing Race we are in no way affiliated with the people who produce the show. We have absolutely no influence on show decisions. Your best choice is to see the above link for more information on applying to any of your favorite CBS reality shows.

Question 3. Where can I see missed episodes online?

If you are in the U.S. you can see episodes of The Amazing Race at for the most current season and in general, from TAR13 on. If you are outside the U.S. CBS won't allow you watch these so you will have to look elsewhere. We also suggest reviewing the recaps here on the wiki and you might be able to see clips on video websites like You Tube. Even better, make a friend that loves Amazing Race like you do and has a TiVo. Then you'll always have a backup plan if you miss an episode. If you'd like to watch past seasons, you can buy Season 1 and Season 7 on DVD. I'd also check your local tv listings to see if any stations have picked up old episodes on syndication. Game show network shows old episodes at 2 or 3 in the morning. Also, Fox reality shows past seasons with commentary by the racers. They just finished all stars and season 9 and are now doing season 10. There is also a website to watch them called You could also go onto You tube and find Feji17's channel, he has every season of the amazing race except for season 1 and most of season 3.You can also go website).

Question 4. Who travels with each team?

Each team travels with one camera man and one sound guy that they must be able to accommodate into their traveling arrangements (i.e. teams really need to buy 4 plane tickets rather than 2). Also production teams lurk around the areas that team will be visiting to oversee.

Question 5. What does Phil Keoghan do during each leg?

Phil visits the location a couple days before the racers and films the parts where he explains the Detour and Roadblock. He is then allowed to sight see. Following that, he stands on the mat and greets the teams at the Pit Stop. You can have a look at this on the phils video diary online show
Question 6. If a team is penalized without any just cause, is the 30-minute, 4-hour or 24-hour penalty dismissed, or does that team return next season due to a technical error? What happens next

So far, no team has been unjustly penalized. How the situation would be handled will likely never be known.

Question 7. Is there a right or wrong way to perform a Roadblock, Detour or Fast Forward stunt so as not to be penalized?
No, Teams must do as the clue states.

Question 8. What really happens to a player or team when he/she commits an assault on producers, host or other teams? Is that team escorted off race premises due to a misconduct? ...obscene/profane language?
So far, no team or team member has performed any kind of assault on any race staff, other competitors, or bystanders. How the situation would be handled will likely never be known.

Question 9. If a team is penalized more than once, can that team choose to quit the race if they know they'll be eliminated?
Any team can quit at any given point in the race, regardless of the situation.

Question 10. If a team is eliminated or has voluntarily quit, can they appear on a game show or are they contractually required to go directly to the "elimination station?"
If that team does not wish to go to the elimination station then they will not be forced to go there (much like Eric/Lisa), however, even if they quit they will still go here just like Maria/Tiffany did.
Question 11. What is the penalty, if any, for accidentally/intentionally not completing a speed bump?
Currently, the penalty is not known as this has not yet occurred in the race.But in the Latin verson of the show the penalty is 4 hours

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